About Us


katansi presents a glimpse of authenticity that has shaped our nation’s artistic heritage. Born in banaras, Katansi brings the beauty and cultural wisdom of age-old craftsmanship of banaras to the world. Banarasi Sarees have acquired an iconic stature globally too. It’s an ethnic symbolism that has well and truly travelled the world. Opening new doors to the ancient art of weaving in Banaras, Katansi reunites the world with ravishing Banarasi silk art.

Behind the name
Katan is a plain-woven fabric with pure silk threads. 
It is one of the softest, lightest, and the finest quality of silk.Pure silk threads are used in the weaving process of Katan Silk, the integrity and attributes of this unique silk are the read behind the curation of the brand name. It is meticulously made up of two threads carefully twisted together. The yarn for Katan silk, as it is known locally in Varanasi, is created by twisting several silk filaments, giving it a particularly robust and durable quality. The fine, soft and delicately lustrous material is renowned around the world for its intricate details.

Design Philosophy
Every Katansi saree reflects the different facts of beauty, craft, and consciousness. Depending on the intricacy of its designs and patterns, it can take upto 15 days to a month and sometimes up to six months to complete.
Their special characteristics intricate:
-intertwining floral and foliate motifs
-kalga and bel, a string of upright leaves called jhallar 
-edge of border
Over the years, the Banarasi silk sarees have been passed on from one generation to another and have even undergone several makeovers.Choosing to employ care and consideration at each step in the production chain, the entire process from first sketches to the final product is overseen by us.

What we believe in
* Six yards of grace.
* Six yards of pride.
* Six yards of power.

A saree is a divine symbol in Indian culture and religion, and wearing one speaks highly of the enrichment and glory of a woman. A saree makes the women of India stay connected to their roots and cherish their culture, heritage, and values. Our curated Katan silk is extremely comfortable for corporate wear as well as festive season wear. Moreover, due to the flowy and lightweight features, they look good to any body type. These versatile elements of our range of products add to the true essence of our coherent attributes. Go through our irresistible collection curated for you to stand out.

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Many do not know how to take care of their Banarasi saree at home. In general, wrap the saree in muslin cloth and store it away from sunlight or store it in a hanging position in your cupboard. Either way you must change the folds, every now and then, to keep it glamorous for years.